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Backstage Jobs - Offer Your Services

 You can start off by offering a service for free or, perhaps, even volunteering at an event. There is always a need for volunteers at big events; the plain fact is that most events wouldn’t take place if it were not for the army of volunteers that are happy for the opportunity to be a part it IT.  You need to get your foot in the door so why not start off by volunteering your time to work at a backstage job a few hours directing traffic or as a security guard or janitor or any position that gets you noticed, period. Remember, your primary goal is to get backstage to meet celebrities and enjoy the event close up as a VIP would, right?. And getting a backstage job (yes, even as a volunteer) is a great way to accomplish this goal.

  Later on you will make plenty of contacts that can help get you a permanent backstage job if that's what you want—who knows, you may get noticed and make a career for yourself—but you’ve got to start somewhere, right?

 Stage production companies are always looking for people to lug cases of sound equipment. Lighting and musical instruments on and off trucks and hand out promotional flyers, in short anything and everything. These kinds of volunteer backstage jobs will land you the best opportunity to meet the bands and meet celebrities directly, face-to-face that is, or get to know the managers and promoters—and those are the people you want to get to know if you want to do this for the long term.

 Right now, TODAY, you need to start thinking “outside the box” and be creative.  If you just sit around wishing for a backstage job, it just isn’t going to happen my friend, dream on. You need to put your plan into action if you want to get backstage passes or to get a job backstage.

Here are a few more innovative suggestions and types of work that could land you in a dream come true:  

·      Work for groundskeeper at a baseball stadium and find connections to the World Series. Some goes for nearly any sporting event.

        Volunteer to caddy at a celebrity golf tournament

·        Get to know the corporate heads in a large restaurant chain. They get special privileges for sponsoring events.

       Volunteer for a security assignment at an upcoming concert or any event, large or small.

This list is endless and limited only by your imagination; you just need to think about your circle of friends and whom they may know.

This should get you thinking, again, out of the box. If you don’t try one thing is for certain you’ll never get a backstage job, ever. But by asking, volunteering and not giving up you may get backstage and meet celebrities and get the VIP treatment.  Once you’ve gotten your foot in the door the rest is up to you.

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