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Do you wish that you could get a backstage pass to meet your favorite band, stand on the sidelines at your favorite sporting event or hang out with celebrities at after event VIP parties?? Now that you know about Backstage Secret, you can finally learn how to do just that! (Get Free Backstage Passes).

And we teach you how to get a free backstage pass to concerts, theater, sporing events, any event, you name it. Backstage Secret is finally revealled to all. But don't worry, most fans will not take the time to read and to take action to get a free backstge pass--you're differnt I hope--if you are, get ready for the thrill of your life.

This information will make all backstge wishes come true. If you’re like me, and love going to concerts, this information will make your experience even more exciting. Not only will I show you how to get free  backstage passes to concerts and VIP access to any event, but I show you how to get them for FREE! Now you'll finally have the chance to meet your favorite celebrities backstage in the VIP area!! You can be an insider.

Many other fans just like you like you have found out that they really can get a  backstage pass and receive the VIP treatment and meet celebrities too. Today, you have become one of them, the selcted few who know the backstage secret AND actually put it to use. You are now one of the few privileged fans with this special insider information.

I want you to truly understand and appreciate that the information you now possess is very powerful indeed and is, as the title suggests, SECRET. Please treat it as such and use it only for your own backstage pass and personal enjoyment. You should not go out and tell the whole world about these techniques or it will no longer be a secret, will it? Again, don't worry about this too much because mos visitors to this site will never take action and put Backstage Secret to work. And, as backstage pass strategies change and evolve we will update the site so you can sty on top of things

Warning About Backstage Passes
I want to give a bit of advice before we get started. By all means, go out and enjoy yourself. Have fun going to concerts, sporting events, and VIP parties with your backstage pass, but do not abuse the secret techniques you have learned. Everything in Backstage Secret is based on “getting in legally” and teaching you how to be an invited guest to your favorite events. You must not abuse these techniques or use them for illegal purposes. The knowledge you gain from Backstage Secret is powerful, but it is privileged and it is copyrighted.           

I don’t want to overstate this point too much, you see, I merely want you to enjoy the backstage pass knowledge and experience you gain by reading and applying what you learn in Backstage Secret. With this in mind, let’s go have some fun. 

Terminology and Getting Started

This section will introduce you to some of the ins and outs of getting a backstage pass to concerts the entertainment industry. Some of this information may be common sense, some of it may not be. It will help to get you thinking along the lines necessary to gain access to the top events. I recommend that you read over this guide one time quickly to gain a broad picture of what we are trying to accomplish. Then go back and read it again slowly to pick up on the key ideas and concepts. Take down some notes or highlight the important facts about getting a backstage pass to concerts you feel may help you in the future.

Media: The media takes on several forms. Television, radio, and print are the obvious forms we see and hear everyday. These are the main outlets used by the entertainment industry to promote their people and events. Less popular forms of media that we see everyday but usually don’t think about are things such as billboards and the sides of large trucks and buses. Have you ever driven past an 18-wheeler truck heading to a McDonalds to drop off food?? It’s not just a simple white truck like you see all the time, it will have a large picture of a juicy hamburger and some sizzling French fries…or something similar. McDonalds is not going to let that huge canvas of white space go to waste as the truck travels down the street. They want potential customers to see the food and hopefully choose them over their competition when lunch time comes around.

 These free forms of media advertising are keys to the industry giants’ success--and, the key to you getting a backstage pass to concerts. Media is the lifeline in the entertainment industry too.

 Without the media, these events and superstars you know today would not exist. On the same page with success from media comes failure with media. A superstar can spend years doing the “right thing” and gain massive popularity only to have it crushed in a few days by something the media blows out of proportion. It is this important concept you need to remember at all times during this lesson and when you put these methods to use. Without understanding this, your likelihood of success in obtaining a backstage pass to concerts is greatly reduced. Media is their key to publicity AND it is your key to success.

  Publicity: Whenever an entertainer or celebrity is seen or heard in any form of media it is considered publicity. There are two types of publicity, paid and free. Paid publicity can come in the form of the individual’s publicist (the one in charge of making him or her popular) paying a company to promote them. For example, Neil Diamond has just released a new CD and there is a billboard in his hometown that is open for rent. The billboard is rented, usually on a monthly basis, and an advertisement is placed on the board for the new CD. (I know, I know, you just want to get a backstage pass to a concert or other ebvent, but we need to get down to basics first--be patient)

       Free publicity can happen anytime, anywhere. It can be good and it can be bad. For example, a local television station helping out at a local high school football practice films a football star. This interaction with the community is considered good free publicity as it costs the star or his agent nothing.

       A boxer is arrested for assaulting a girlfriend in his house and the news reports on the incident. This is, obviously, bad publicity.

 Quite often publicity is what makes a star or celebrity who they are. Without this exposure to the world, people would not know who they are or what they do. This important and highly coveted part of their lives is the token you will use to gain access to events.

  Credentials: Credentials are, by definition, evidence or testimonials concerning one’s right to credit, confidence, or authority. You often see the tags and badges hanging around the necks of the press and people on the staff who are allowed backstage. These pieces are the most common examples of credentials. Credentials are your pass and key for getting your  backstage pass to concerts where you want to go, when you want to go. Getting Media Passes (i.e., Backstage Passes) is your main goal and the subject of this course. They are easy to get if you know how to ask for them and where to ask for them.

  Subcontractor/Freelancer: A subcontractor or freelancer is a person or group who has a special skill but who does not own or work for a particular business. Instead, larger businesses hire them on a per job basis to help expand their ability to have access to many events and, of course, to help lower costs. It will be your goal to “become” a freelancer for different types of media. Becoming a freelancer is one way to get the permission required to apply for backstage and VIP passes.

 Venue: You probably already know this, but, from time to time, I get a few inquires about this so I don’t want anyone to be confused.

  The term “venue” is merely another name for the concert or event. You should be prepared to speak like a media and entertainment “insider”—learn the language of the industry. You're on your way to getting your backstage pass to concerts.

First Method of Obtaining a Backstage Band Pass

Become a Member of the Media
Now that we have gone through the introductory sections let’s get into the real meat of this course. This first method of getting a backstage band pass is the most successful if done properly.


Side note/advice: It is best to request a backstage band pass or media pass to small events to begin with—to stretch your wings a bit. If you have a small concert hall, theatre or outdoor festival in your area, contact the promotional director for these small events to learn the language, type of questions they ask and to get an overall feel of how these businesses perform. This will be a confidence booster and a great place to make your first mistakes—and you will make a few. But, if you’re smart, you can easily learn from these mistakes so you will not ruin your chances for the events you really want to go to.

The first thing you need to do is decide to what event(s) you want to get a backstage band pass. Let’s say you want to go backstage with your favorite rock band. You look at the back of one of their CDs and determine their record label is XYZ records and that their corporate office is in Boston, Mass. You then go to the telephone directory and look up their phone number(s). There are plenty of online telephone directories you can use to accomplish this quickly. my favorite and quickest source for celebrity information is contact any celebrity.  They have a massive database of contact information ,,,and its really cheap too.

 Once you find the phone number to their office, you need an excuse to call and speak with the promotion director. This is where the local media comes into play. In order to ask the band’s promotion department for a backstage band pass, you need proof that you work for a media agency. No problem, because I am going to teach you exactly how to be a bona fide member of the local media so you can get your backstage band pass.

 Becoming a Member of the Media
Whether or not you know anything about photography or writing articles in a newspaper or magazine, this is your chance to become an expert.

 You’ll need to call, write or fax your local newspaper, newsletter, magazine or television or radio station. I would recommend you start with a newspaper or magazine. Tell them that you are a freelance photographer trying to gain better credentials of the events that you have photographed. Tell them you should be getting a media pass to a particular venue/event and that you would be willing to submit pictures of the event to them free of charge if they agree to consider publishing them.  

Any media source in their right mind will allow you to do this. Particularly since you are not even charging them a fee!  

Alternatively, you can tell them you are going to do an interview with the band, crew, venue manger, etc. Use your imagination and don’t worry if you never wrote a paragraph before, later we will be discussing how to do this even if your writing skills are, well, let’s say—challenged—You can get a backstage band pass! 

After you have obtained their permission tell them you need a letter from them verifying that you are “working” for them for this event. (See the sample letter templates in upcoming pages).

 Once this letter is obtained it is time to go back to the phone number of the band’s publicity department. When you call, ask to speak with the media coordinator. Politely explain that you would like a media pass or backstage band pass to the upcoming event. They will ask you for your contact information. Do Not Lie—you don’t need to, you are working for a legitimate media source and there is no reason to hide anything—you are a member of the media and eligible for a backstage band pass.

 Believe me when I tell you that media departments love it when you actually take the effort to call them. It makes their lives easier as they normally have to contact the media themselves for publicity. They want to help you! (In fact, once you have made this contact, ask to be placed on their mailing list.

 Why? Because they will send you information about upcoming events and, sometimes, free promotional stuff.) Okay, they will then mail or fax you a Media Request Form to fill out and send back and you will then be sent your backstage band pass credentials or be told where to pick them up (more about this later).

Tip: It will be wise of you, if possible, to attach the verification letter you received from that local media source to the Media Request Form so there will be no questions asked. It is very important that you realize that this may make or break your chance of getting the backstage band pass.

When filling out this request form, be sure to be grammatically correct and do not make it sound like you are trying to get backstage just to hang out with the band, make it sound like you are truly more interested in advancing your career. You do not want to appear to be just another fan trying to get in because, as crazy as it seems to you now, the people who hold the key to your getting in do not want to help fans. You will only get the backstage band pass if they feel you can help them by promoting the band or celebrity by virtue of your being a member of the media, that is, by helping them get the publicity they want and need. Never ever say you are a fan! L

 Ask to attend the “Meet and Greet”
A meet and greet is a promotional event that starts off many venues. Sometimes nearly all media representatives are permitted to attend and other times there is limited access. You want to be sure to at least ask if there is a meet and greet and, if so, whether you will be authorized to attend.

 Also, you should try to see if there is going to be a pre-show interview for the general media and, if so, if you will be authorized to attend. Here you might be able to actually meet and pose some good questions for your favorite band or celebrity—and you sometimes get free drinks and eats too—go for it, its your backstage band pass, use it!

 Remember, the goal here is to get backstage, once you are there who knows what will happen or whom you may see! J

Backstage Band Pass Summary

  • Be sure you have all your contacts in order before you begin making calls.

  • Have pen and paper ready and write down information and have it in front of you so you sound professional and you appear like you have done the process a hundred times before. In short, be professional.
  • Practice! Please take my advice and try some small events first. Even if you are truly not interested in the act or celebrity, it is always good to practice.
  • Don’t get discouraged if you fail, keep trying. You’ll get better each time.
  • Have fun but act casual and professional when backstage. Don’t act like a fan.

Make good on your promise! Give the media the work you promised. It’s worth the extra effort and it is actually a lot of fun.

How to Meet a Celebrity - The Second Method

Start Your Own Fan Newsletter/E-zine or Website
You should really consider this method even if you are going to focus on one of the other methods. Why? Because it is really quite simple and you do not have to have any technical experience at all, but more importantly, this method works great. I always believe in having back-up plans—using more than one method of how to meet a celebrity by getting media passes will increase your chances of success.

What is an E-zine Anyway?
An e-zine is nothing more than a digitally delivered newsletter (e.g., email). Like all newsletters this doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or fancy and can be made up of just a few pages of text. If you want something a little fancier and you understand HTML, by all means make your e-zine look spectacular—but it’s not necessary.

 But I want to stress that many of the best e-zines, and some of those with huge subscriber lists, choose to use only a regular email text format. The major difference is that these e-zines are established and don’t need to prove themselves. For you, you might want to invest a little time in making your e-zine look nice.  hgain, remember your goal here was to learn how to meet a celebrity, not to be a  publisher. but  with basic skills you can meet andcontact any celebrity.

Do I Really Need to Have a Website to get backstage passes and to meet a celebrity?
No, you don’t even need to have a website to run an e-zine, many e-zines operate simply by emailing out their newsletter to their list of subscribers. You can do this too, but remember your primary goal is to learn how to meet a celebrity and to get media passes to get you backstage or VIP access, right? Well to do this you will need some tangible proof that you are a part of the media, that’s why I recommend you set up a small website to advertise your e-zine to the world. Don’t worry if don’t know how to set up a website, this again can be done cheaply and easily and you can get free templates for your e-zine/website by going to a good search engine such as or a directory such as and enter the search term, “free website templates” or similar key words.

 Selecting a Name
You will need to have a name for your e-zine/newsletter/website. Ideally, your website’s name, should you decide to go this route, may be the same name as your newsletter. Also, try to pick a name that is music related or related to the type of events you are interested in learning how to meet a celebrity. For example if you’re not interested in concerts, but rather sporting events, you would then try to select a sports related name.

In any event, you will need a domain name for your website. For example, or something like that. Once you have decided on a name you need to register the name with a registrar such as where you get a name for less than $10 per year. Finally you need to set up a hosting account for your website.

 How to Meet A Celebrity Cheap - Free Website Hosting
 If you decide to set up a website you can get free hosting from Yahoo at ( but I don’t recommend this unless you really can’t afford a paid hosting plan. Why? Because the free hosting accounts come with a price—your visitors, (including sources considering issuing your media passes), will have to go through all sorts of pop-up advertisements before and after reaching your site.  Your goal here is to learn how to meet a celebrity, not to be a webmaster, but still,  you'll want to look professional. Most people find this sort of thing to be a real headache, but more importantly for you, it makes your operation seem less than professional—and you must always be professional.

And having a website is a good long-term method for being a member of the media and achieving your goal of how to meet a celebrity. 

What if you don’t want to run a website, can you just run an e-zine or newsletter?
Sure you can and you can also build up a good list of subscribers even without a website. Word of mouth advertising is great, but you should really consider some free online classified ads, for example you can try:, and there are many others. Just check out a good search engine and you’ll find pages of them.

 One other thing you might want to consider to supercharge your list of subscribers is to start a bulk mail campaign. Now I’m not talking about spamming or anything like that. Never send unsolicited email (Spam)—it’s not good Internet etiquette. Bulk email is a little different, (at least the type I’m talking about). What I suggest is that you get hold of a list of people who have opted-in, that is, they have agreed to look at and consider offers such as subscribing to an fan e-zine or newsletter—and why not yours?  That's How to Meet a Celebrity!

Backstage Jobs - Offer Your Services

 You can start off by offering a service for free or, perhaps, even volunteering at an event. There is always a need for volunteers at big events; the plain fact is that most events wouldn’t take place if it were not for the army of volunteers that are happy for the opportunity to be a part it IT.  You need to get your foot in the door so why not start off by volunteering your time to work at a backstage job a few hours directing traffic or as a security guard or janitor or any position that gets you noticed, period. Remember, your primary goal is to get backstage to meet celebrities and enjoy the event close up as a VIP would, right?. And getting a backstage job (yes, even as a volunteer) is a great way to accomplish this goal.

Later on you will make plenty of contacts that can help get you a permanent backstage job if that's what you want—who knows, you may get noticed and make a career for yourself—but you’ve got to start somewhere, right?

 Stage production companies are always looking for people to lug cases of sound equipment. Lighting and musical instruments on and off trucks and hand out promotional flyers, in short anything and everything. These kinds of volunteer backstage jobs will land you the best opportunity to meet the bands and meet celebrities directly, face-to-face that is, or get to know the managers and promoters—and those are the people you want to get to know if you want to do this for the long term.

 Right now, TODAY, you need to start thinking “outside the box” and be creative.  If you just sit around wishing for a backstage job, it just isn’t going to happen my friend, dream on. You need to put your plan into action if you want to get backstage passes or to get a job backstage.

Here are a few more innovative suggestions and types of work that could land you in a dream come true:  

·      Work for groundskeeper at a baseball stadium and find connections to the World Series. Some goes for nearly any sporting event.

        Volunteer to caddy at a celebrity golf tournament

·        Get to know the corporate heads in a large restaurant chain. They get special privileges for sponsoring events.

       Volunteer for a security assignment at an upcoming concert or any event, large or small.

This list is endless and limited only by your imagination; you just need to think about your circle of friends and whom they may know.

This should get you thinking, again, out of the box. If you don’t try one thing is for certain you’ll never get a backstage job, ever. But by asking, volunteering and not giving up you may get backstage and meet celebrities and get the VIP treatment.  Once you’ve gotten your foot in the door the rest is up to you.








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