How to Meet a Celebrity

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 How to Meet a Celebrity - The Second Method

Start Your Own Fan Newsletter/E-zine or Website
You should really consider this method even if you are going to focus on one of the other methods. Why? Because it is really quite simple and you do not have to have any technical experience at all, but more importantly, this method works great. I always believe in having back-up plans—using more than one method of how to meet a celebrity by getting media passes will increase your chances of success.

What is an E-zine Anyway?
An e-zine is nothing more than a digitally delivered newsletter (e.g., email). Like all newsletters this doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or fancy and can be made up of just a few pages of text. If you want something a little fancier and you understand HTML, by all means make your e-zine look spectacular—but it’s not necessary.

 But I want to stress that many of the best e-zines, and some of those with huge subscriber lists, choose to use only a regular email text format. The major difference is that these e-zines are established and don’t need to prove themselves. For you, you might want to invest a little time in making your e-zine look nice.  hgain, remember your goal here was to learn how to meet a celebrity, not to be a  publisher. but  with basic skills you can meet andcontact any celebrity.

Do I Really Need to Have a Website to get backstage passes and to meet a celebrity?
No, you don’t even need to have a website to run an e-zine, many e-zines operate simply by emailing out their newsletter to their list of subscribers. You can do this too, but remember your primary goal is to learn how to meet a celebrity and to get media passes to get you backstage or VIP access, right? Well to do this you will need some tangible proof that you are a part of the media, that’s why I recommend you set up a small website to advertise your e-zine to the world. Don’t worry if don’t know how to set up a website, this again can be done cheaply and easily and you can get free templates for your e-zine/website by going to a good search engine such as or a directory such as and enter the search term, “free website templates” or similar key words.

 Selecting a Name
You will need to have a name for your e-zine/newsletter/website. Ideally, your website’s name, should you decide to go this route, may be the same name as your newsletter. Also, try to pick a name that is music related or related to the type of events you are interested in learning how to meet a celebrity. For example if you’re not interested in concerts, but rather sporting events, you would then try to select a sports related name.

In any event, you will need a domain name for your website. For example, or something like that. Once you have decided on a name you need to register the name with a registrar such as where you get a name for less than $10 per year. Finally you need to set up a hosting account for your website.

 How to Meet A Celebrity Cheap - Free Website Hosting
 If you decide to set up a website you can get free hosting from Yahoo at ( but I don’t recommend this unless you really can’t afford a paid hosting plan. Why? Because the free hosting accounts come with a price—your visitors, (including sources considering issuing your media passes), will have to go through all sorts of pop-up advertisements before and after reaching your site.  Your goal here is to learn how to meet a celebrity, not to be a webmaster, but still,  you'll want to look professional. Most people find this sort of thing to be a real headache, but more importantly for you, it makes your operation seem less than professional—and you must always be professional.

And having a website is a good long-term method for being a member of the media and achieving your goal of how to meet a celebrity. 

What if you don’t want to run a website, can you just run an e-zine or newsletter?
Sure you can and you can also build up a good list of subscribers even without a website. Word of mouth advertising is great, but you should really consider some free online classified ads, for example you can try:, and there are many others. Just check out a good search engine and you’ll find pages of them.

 One other thing you might want to consider to supercharge your list of subscribers is to start a bulk mail campaign. Now I’m not talking about spamming or anything like that. Never send unsolicited email (Spam)—it’s not good Internet etiquette. Bulk email is a little different, (at least the type I’m talking about). What I suggest is that you get hold of a list of people who have opted-in, that is, they have agreed to look at and consider offers such as subscribing to an fan e-zine or newsletter—and why not yours?  That's How to Meet a Celebrity!

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